Friday, 23 November 2007

Little Blue Sky

We bought a new car!
Purple has been wanting to trade our wonderful yellow van , Sunshine, for something smaller, more economical, and with more seats for a while. Actually, he never wanted to get a van; he's a small-car guy.

Anyway, I saw a notice in the laundromat advertising an '85 Corolla Hatch for $600. Sounded like there must be something wrong with it, but there isn't. Its almost out of registration (in 5 weeks), but it has a roadworthy certificate. and most importantly, it handles amazingly :) Maybe I'm just too used to clunking around in our big heavy van, but jumping into this little car is so sweet.

She's a 5 speed, 1.6L, light blue. For a 22 year old car, she's pretty good. Only the paint is a bit crappy; somehow it looks like the colour of the sky in a big city. Still blue but a bit hazy and patchy LOL. Anyway, she uses a lot les petrol than Sunshine, which we are keeping, for now.

Littletree dubbed her: LittleBlueSky. I've no idea how she came up with that name ;)
Little Blue Sky

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  1. I love older cars. They have so much character.

    And yay that your tick is gone! Put some comfrey on the bite spot to aid in healing. And homeo arnica would be nice for the soreness.


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