Tuesday, 6 November 2007

My Saviour

Well, I posted a few days ago about my dreadful virus...
Thanks muchly to all the people who contacted me with helpful hints.
I have definately learned a LOT more about computers :)

Anyway, the crisis is averted, my computer is clean and happy again.
I found the most amazing wonderful website with free tech support.
It's called www.malwareremoval.com which is a kind of school for tech support people.
There is a forum there, www.forum.malwareremoval.com where you can send them in a description of your problem, and they guide you step-by-step through the removal process, and get the computer all cleaned up.

It was GREAT!
I had to download a software called HijackThis, which did some scan of my computer and created a log that the helpful folk at malwareremoval could read and understand. They got me to download some things, run some programs, even write a .bat file and run it.

The end result was that I no longer have a virus :)
and yes, I highly recommend these guys. Its like the computer version of breaking down on the highway and calling AAA to come save you.

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