Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Eight Random Things

I was tagged to do a meme by Lizz at Red Dirt Mother.
I didn't know what that is, but you learn something new every day.

Eight Random Things About Me:

*link to the person who tagged you
*post the rules
*name 8 things others don't know about you
*link to 8 other bloggers

Can I think of 8 things others dont know about me?

1) I've been in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Thailand, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Ethiopia, The Sudan, Egypt, Holland, Belgium, Israel, Cyprus, England, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvadore, Guatemala, Mexico, US, Canada, Turkey, Jordan and... well, that's all I can think of. I think that's all (in chronological order of first visit). Littletree has been in about half of them too :)

2) I almost never wear shoes, and all of my clothes are green, right down to the last sock (actually, all three of my socks). Most of those countries I travelled in barefoot.

3) I'm a lesbian, married to a man. long story.

4) I'm not really into the ocean. I dont dislike it in any way, I'm just not really interested in going to the beach. I'd much much rather be in a lush green forest with a sweet waterfall

3) I gave birth unassisted on a soccer field in Brazil

4) I can't count too well

5) I've been to 28 rainbow gatherings in the last 9 years.

6) I'm allergic to chocolate :(

7) I was a fruitarian for a year and a half

8) I love goats and I travelled around India with a baby goat for six months.

ok. that's at least eight LOL
next step was to link to 8 other bloggers. I already did Lizz, Inannamama, Greenlee, Hippychick, Jenn, Iyar, Mon, and Leon. Geez, that was hard.


  1. How fastastic and wonderful!
    Thanks for playing along.

  2. I'm totally impressed! Saskia

  3. How do you get the funds to travel so much?

    How long have you lived this lifestyle and what was your life like before?

    you lead an very interesting life, and I love reading your blog.

  4. Majik,

    You must explain "fruititarian". Because I am fascinated, really. I love your 8 things list!

  5. anonymous; most of my travel was funded by busking in the street. I got about mostly by hitchhiking, I camped out, I ate cheep food from the markets.

    hippy chick; fruitarian is someone who eats only fruit.
    no veg. no meat. no grains, leaves or roots. just fruit.
    if it contains seeds, and comes off the plant without causing damage; that's a fruit.
    I could say a lot about it, but that's the basic idea.

  6. I am sorry, I do not know what busking in the street is?
    Are you not afraid in some of those places? There are some very dangerous people out there. And the size of that snake! I would not sleep for days, if that was close to my tipi.
    How in the world did you stay healthy just eating fruit?
    I know the body needs protein. And how do you get the willpower. It is hard for me to give up carbs.
    I love your family photo, by the way you have a beautiful family.
    I admire you courage.

  7. I have been reading your blog and enjoying your pictures and I do believe you are an inspiration to many :) I will enjoy reading even more! Take care.... Zakizzane

  8. I ansered one of these 8 things on tribe... and now look where it got me...


  9. Ah - Fruit - yummy.

    How did your body do without a vegetable or animal protein source though? Were the seeds enough?

  10. about protein sources;
    protiens are made up of chains of amino acids. one does not need protein, one needs amino acids.

    when you eat a protein, your body breaks down the protien chain into its individual amino acids and stores them, ready for use. when the body needs a particular protein, it then builds the chain it needs from the available amino acids.

    Fruits are a wonderful source of all the necessary amino acids, which your body can store and use without having to first break down the protien chains; something that takes a lot of digestive energy.

    (assuming you have a good digestion system; poor food combining can retard this process).

  11. intriguing...very intriguing indeed ;)

    what kind of busking? music? dancing? any other performance? I sold henna tattoos for a month and then went travelling for eight months from that money, so I know how well it can go. if it goes well.
    I'm about to quit my job here, cause my boss doesn't appreciate my work the way he should... thinking about busking brings it all back;)

    will write you a mail again sometime soon.
    hope you are all well.
    ps: you were so right about the hormones! just wanna get into my car and go... wherever

  12. I played guitar in the beginning; I had a self-rebuilt martin backpacker guitar. After that was stolen in India, I got a Mandolin.

    I also crochted stuff to sell, and did henna tattoes for a little while in South Africa. I sold fruit at inflate prices for a little while in India, I opened a spontaneous ear piercing salon in Malawi; educated all the village girls about why we need to boil the needles and use antiseptic too :)

  13. Why do you only wear green?
    And do you want socks for Christmas?
    I think your color should be would look nice in red and black. And your hair in the world do you wash it in those dreds?

  14. I love green. It keeps me sane. Not to mention making it easy to colour co-ordinate, and I dont have to worry about the colours running the wash ;)

    I don't celebrate christmas, and I dont need socks; I dont wear shoes anyway.

    I look terrible in red and black.

    I love my dreadlocks, and I wash them regularly, just like anyone else. No special treatment required

  15. he he...

    But you censored my comment...



Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)