Thursday, 1 November 2007

Crap! I have a Virus

My poor computer has a virus.
It's called Warezov CLA.
How did it get there? It infects Skype. One of my good friends send me an IM, I clicked on it.
of course, my friend didn't send it, the virus, which I assume is infecting her computer did.
I wasn't really paying attention (as usual, doing about 100 things at once).
So now I have this virus. My antivirus (Avast!) can't seem to get rid of it. Purple doesn't know what to do, we tried a few things...
Avast! pops up a window every few minutes that has a loud scary siren and a serious voice that says "Caution! A Virus has been detected" it's quite alarming.
and the little window says "There is no reason to panic" with some options to click.
Well, we're working on it. but in the meantime, don't click on links from Skype, and if you know anything about computers, I could really use some help.


  1. you could try this:

  2. Frustrating ain't it. This computer is being slowed way down my something. I hate it.

  3. you gotta get a Mac! Virus free and comes in lots of colours :)


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