Monday, 19 November 2007

Focus Family!

We had a big weekend this week; I'm still recovering, really.
Friday we had a full day, bake a cake, library, rent to pay, post office, went to Byron to visit A+A, M and Z, I had an appointment, we lent the car to a friend, grocery shopping, and a housewarming party in the evening.

we decided to come home, I guess it wasn't so late, about 1am.

Saturday, we prepared to go to Foc's 40th birthday party. I baked an elaborate mud cake, while Purple went with Littletree to visit some friends up the road.

I also managed to do some work; I was asked to do a load of articles for Essence of Life this week.

Then we went to the party...

It was such a huge event. They had built a stage for live performers, and had a massive new tipi put up next to their regular one. Foc' and Nic' had done a Hungi - a traditional aboriginal way of cooking by digging a huge hole in the ground, filling it with hot coals and then food, and burying it.

The did two Hungis; one for a sheep, and one for veggies. The food was AWESOME! The whole party was awesome; I guess around 200 people came, and there were lots of kids running around, and great music, two bonfires and general good times.

I took a picture of the area before dark; before the party really kicked off, but you get the idea:

Focus Party 4
We had planned to sleep the night in the van, but at around 2am, Littletree woke up screaming, shrieking in pain with an earache :( and when we eventually got her calmed down, she just wanted to go home.

We got home at 3:30am, and of course, by then she was feeling fine and wide awake, wanting to play. I'm still recovering from that night!

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  1. Nice spot, so lush and green. And those tee-pees really are lovely.


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