Monday, 7 June 2010

When life gives you bananas - Make Banana Muffins!

The guy at the farm stall up the road had a huge box of "going off" bananas (most of which were perfectly fine and not even the tiniest bit squishy, just a few black spots on the skin) and said I should take as many as I like (that farm stall is always giving boxes of free veg to people with kids).
So when life throws bananas at you... make banana muffins!

*note, this recipe requires the help of a 2.5 year old*

1. Get 2.5 year old to help peel the squishiest bananas into a bowl.
2. Spend a few minutes wiping schmeared banana out of your hair and from down behind the oven. Oh yeah, that reminds me - turn on the oven to heat up.
3. Add a few scoops of whole flour to the bananas - say 3 cups-ish. Just barely save a big handful of banana from going into the flour jar. sweep spilled flour.
4. Add a few teaspoons of baking powder to the flour
5. Pour in the last of the coconut oil; seems like about 1/2 cup, maybe a bit less.
6. Get the 2.5 year old to stir the bowl while you pour in the milk. Forget to measure the milk.
7. Oops, almost forgot; add some sugar. about 2/3 cup of rapadura will do fine.
8. Just barely get the rapadura away before it hits the floor
9. Add a spoonful each of vanilla essence and cinnamon powder
10. realise you left the carton of eggs on top of the oven while it was heating up, and now they're half cooked. decide to save them by hardboiling the lot, and substitute an egg for 1 Tablespoon of vinegar into the muffin mix.
11. meanwhile, realise 2.5 year old has muffin mix all through her hair12. grease a muffin tray and try to spoon blobs of the muffin mix in while the 2.5 year old "helps"
13. Roll around on the floor giggling with 2.5 year old covered in muffin goo and squishy bananas

14. Finally manage to get the tray into the oven for as long as it takes to clean up the kitchen bench, and the 2.5 year old. (roughly 23.815 minutes)
15. Take hot muffins out of the oven, slather with butter, and enjoy!



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  1. that's just about how i bake with my son who happens to be two and a half!


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