Sunday, 6 June 2010

Super Science

Littletree has been getting up to all sorts of scientific endeavours lately, with little experiments all over the house.

She has several jars around the kitchen with various scraps saved from the compost soaking, just to see what happens. So far, the carrot top and the beetroot cutting are sprouting and they look lovely – the little leaves on the beetroot are gorgeous


The onion has taken root and might go in the ground soon


And we put a whole egg into a jar of vinegar to see what will happen. First it fizzed and was covered in bubbles, then the outer layer of the brown shell dissolved, and finally the whole shell dissolved, leaving the soft inner lining still intact.


It was very cool. This morning, I guess the egg had been sitting for too long, and it had swollen enough that we couldn’t get it out of the jar anymore, and –POP! it burst. Next we might try dissolving a bone in vinegar…

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  1. cool, I love that egg-speriment. Going to try that one :)


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