Saturday, 12 June 2010


One of Littletree’s friends gave her a pair of hand-me-down tap shoes, which Littletree is completely enamoured with.

She doesn’t really know how to tap dance, but she’s been avidly watching YouTube videos and practicing.


  1. so cute! Zach got a pair of hand me down tap shoes when he was about 3.5 and went crazy. He LOVESloveslOVES old gene kelly clips from youtube. It always throws off kids in the park when he excitedly says "Ok, you be Fred Astaire and I'll be Gene Kelly and ..."

  2. Good on her :) She has certainly got flair.

  3. Cute :-). I loved the look on my Niamh's face the first time she tried her tap shoes and started tapping. Pure happiness.

    I take tap classes occasionally for fun, so this last comment comes from experience - see that she does some warm up exercises before she does a lot of tapping, you can really get some nasty injuries if you don't. Just a run through of front, side, side, back a few times on each side.

  4. That sounds like great daughter would "flip" for a pair of taps...I may just have to indulge her and break out the You Tube myself!!!
    :) Maureen


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