Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Of Rainbows and Sunsets

Littletree and I went for a little walk in the village in the afternoon, picking flowers and observing interesting bugs and generally hanging out.

Just before dark, we headed back up the hill home, to be greeted by the most spectacular double rainbow ever

14 rainbow

It just got brighter, filling the whole sky

15 rainbow

Looking behind us was an amazing sunset behind the mountain

20 sunset 3 fix

Soon half of our neighbours were out on the street marvelling at the view

19 sunset 2 fix

which got better and better

18 sunset 1 fix

In the end there was such a crowd of friends gathered in the street, all the kids running around playing, watching the sunset, and pretending to be various wild animals

22 kids

And naturally, as it got dark, someone pulled out a guitar, someone else started playing piano in our neighbour’s house, someone grabbed a flute, someone lit a fire, and we had a spontaneous jam and danced the evening away. :)

I love living in this village!


  1. Beautiful, I love rainbows

  2. Oh wow, it does look and sound like you live in a truly wonderful place :)
    sue x

  3. Wow!...:)

    I love rainbows too...:)

  4. Beautifully stunning rainbow. What a gorgeously nourishing village you have xx

  5. Uh, can I come live where you live?? :)

  6. (oh, ps, just to cut down the creep factor I should say I just shut down my blog-- rachelsteventeam, on account of being stalked by my inlaws! -- new blog coming soon!)

  7. That sounds amazing -- I'd love to live there as well!! To be honest, I barely know my neighbors.. its pretty sad but that's how people around where I live like it.

  8. Yep, I love that we know most of our neighbours, and they're mostly like-minded people, and we all drop in on each other randomly, and all the kids play all over the neighbourhood.
    and LOL at Rachel

  9. So very beautiful... you got me feeling even more homesick now!
    There is something about the gentleness of the people, the slow pace of the towns and the feeling of the forest that you cant find anywhere else...


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)