Thursday, 3 June 2010

Friends’ Wedding

Some friends of ours got married last weekend, in true hippie style – it was a three-day camping event, complete with tipis and bonfires and the whole works. It was really like a rainbow gathering with style.

19 focus nicole wedding

We could only make it for the main ceremony and feast; it was great to see all the work that went in to setting it all up, and all our friends dressed for the occasion.

20 focus nicole wedding

Even the dog had a matching tux on

29 focus nicole wedding

The ceremony began with all the guests walking down a flower-petal strewn path and being smudged with purifying smoke

17 focus nicole wedding

The kids watched eagerly, waiting for the bride to appear

21 focus nicole wedding

She finally came out, looking like a goddess

23 focus nicole wedding

The ceremony was beautiful, with a celebrant, and several people making prayers and blessings, some songs played, and speeches, all the while people were blowing bubbles and throwing feathers and flower petals.

It was loads of fun, and great to see so many of our friends :)


  1. I usually don't "like" weddings (they're formal and awkward and I'm clumsy, have social anxiety, and am strange.. we don't really mix)but this sounds and looks like something I'd absolutely love. What a wonderful ceremony! Congratulations to your friends for many many happy days ahead! (also.. I loved the woman with the red dreads walking next to the bride.. her hair and outfit were awesome!)

  2. Lovley. I especially enjoyed seeing the pics of the kiddos on the side. :)


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