Monday, 12 April 2010

Surprise Flower

I was getting a little depressed about my garden lately – it’s been raining a lot and I’ve not had a lot of time to get in and do much with it. A few things died (the death of my motherwort was particularly distressing).

But yesterday morning we got up to find a wonderful surprise poking up from amongst the weeds next to our woodpile

11 surprise flower

How lovely! Then Purple reminded me where it came from; it was a “surprise” gift from my friends Rinka and Garden, for my birthday almost a year ago.

They gave me a few roots, wrapped in green tissue paper. I had no idea what they were – just looked like uninteresting roots. Rinka and Garden weren’t saying anything. I just got the cryptic instructions; “plant them and see what happens”

What a wonderful gift!


  1. Beautiful! What a glorious surprise!

    You should see my garden at the moment. The only patch of grass looks like snake heaven right now. I really need to get out there and tidy up! Not today though, we have a birthday boy in the house! He has decided to torture me and drag me off to the shops so he can spend money! Arghhhhh!

  2. What a wonderful gift. The kind that keeps on giving beautiful flowers.

  3. Beautiful. I love Dahlias...:)
    The snails love them too.

    Dahlias grow from a rhyzome(not sure if I spelt that right). They die back each season and after a few years you can divide them and put them in different parts of your garden. They are very easy to grow. They like full sun but part sun is ok too.

    They tend to get droopy so sometimes you might need to stake them up to support them. I have light pink ones that are growing in my veggie patch that a friend gave to me last year.

  4. Thanks Anne, I just found out this afternoon that it's a Dahlia. :)


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