Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Life Drawing Update

I have been a bit slack with uploading photos of my life drawing adventures, but I created a Flickr album for my art, which you can see HERE

I’ve started working with different mediums, like working on better paper than butchers’ paper for a start

54 100325

And I tried out some different kind of pastel (working on extreme perspective)

64 100325

On one 40-minute pose I did a series that I really love; the first one was a nice, “polished” piece, done in 30 minutes entirely with my (non-dominant) left hand.

 69 100415  

Then I still had some more time left, but I felt the picture was done, so I started experimenting. I did the exact same picture again, but using both hands simultaneously, and without looking at the paper.

70 100415

That took around two minutes, and I really liked it, so I did the same thing again, only holding a different colour in each hand

71 100415

Then I decided to do a series of one minute sketches, left-handed, one after the other, all on the same paper. I did five sketches, one minute each, in five colours. I love the effect!

72 100415

I also started trying out pencils

83 100422

and watercolours

90 100422

What I love most of all about this class is that the model is often breastfeeding

78 100415

Where else can you do breastfeeding life drawing classes!? :D

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