Monday, 5 April 2010


This morning, being Easter (well, in some people’s minds, at least) – some of our neighbours hosted a little breakfast party.

04 easter breakfast party

We don’t normally celebrate Easter, being that I’m Animist, Purple is Jewish and Littletree is Hindu, and especially as we’re in the Southern Hemisphere, where it’s a totally inappropriate time of year for Spring celebrations. But it was wonderful to sit on the deck in the rainforest enjoying a feast with friends. And what a feast it was!

05 easter breakfast party

Slovakian traditional aniseed breads, Hot Aum Buns

08 easter breakfast party

Home made quince jelly, carob bunny jellies

09 easter breakfast party

Oranges dipped in a special coffee liqueur

07  easter breakfast party

And beautiful hand painted eggs.

06  easter breakfast party

Funnily enough, there was a sprinkling of chocolate eggs around, but no one ate any of them – even the children ignored them in favour of all the luscious foods. But they do make nice decorations!


  1. Ok! I could do Easter if I get have some of THAT food! LOL

  2. oranges in coffee liquer! Mmmmmm!
    Looks like a perfectly lovely feast!

  3. It is totally possible to celebrate easter in autumn. We had a lovely harvest festival over at Lavendilly House ... just as simple and as delightful as yours looked :)
    Autumn Greetings to you Majikfairie

  4. Good Friends and good food makes for a wonderful Easter whereever you may be.
    Love the painted eggs.


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