Friday, 1 June 2007

The Journey continues

We arrived to Grafton on Thursday afternoon, and Purple parked himself again outside the McD's to work (its amazing, so far we've been in about 10 McDonald's places, sat each time for 4 - 6 hours, played on their play-ground, used their bathrooms and internet and not bought a single thing - in fact, I've sat there eating my own organic vege-chips and fruit and sandwiches, and no one has said anything!)

While Purple worked, I didnt want to hang around Grafton, so I took Littletree and her booster seat and hitch-hiked out to my friend's land in the bush at Nymboida, about 45km south-west of town. We got really easily up there, in 3 rides, but we never waited more than a minute for any of them.

It was so magical to be in Nymboida! Its been more than 7 years since i was there, and 9 years since I lived there, but it felt like i'd been away for a couple of weeks only! it was so great to visit Mali, and feel the calm energy of the place. Purple came up when he had finished working, and we had a yummy dahl for dinner and went to sleep in the van.

In the morning we went for a little enchanted walk around the forest, looked at the bush huts and sites, and just breathed in the forest air.


Again we hit the road, stopping in Ballina to (yep, you guessed it!) use the internet in the Mackers. Littletree made friends with a little girl and I've been sitting around bored for a few hours. Now we'll drive on again to get to the rainbow scout meeting in Mullumbimby this afternoon.

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