Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Driving driving driving

on the road

well, we made it.
sort of.

We got out of Melbourne. Not that it was easy. we ended up waiting for the package to arrive till 4pm on Monday. But we were so ready and waiting, we left by 5pm. yes, I know, only crazy people will leave on a drive from Melbourne to Canberra (a drive of about 8 hours if you go fast and dont break) at 5pm. But we just didnt care - we so wanted to get on the road.

So, we drove, stopped at Wodonga to use the internet at the McDonalds when it was quite late and Littletree was already asleep, and I slept in the back of Sunshine while Purple worked from his laptop in the front seat.We slept at a pretty little rest area about an hour from Wodonga, and in the morning hit the road again, stopping at the Yass service centre McDonald's for Purple to work.
the freakiest thing we saw on the road was a huge navy submarine. yes, a SUBMARINE, about 300km from the sea, just planted smack bang in the middle of a quiet little country town. what's really funny is that there was a little plaque next to it saying that $100,000 was donated by the widow of the captain of said sub to put the damn thing there!
Well, we got out of the car and had a look at it - unschooling opportunity, of course ;) Littletree was very interested in it, and also in the big torpedo mounted next to it, and led us to a lot of discussion on military and war and stuff.

We got into Canberra in the afternoon, did a little tourist drive around the town; saw capital hill and the lodge - funnily, The Lodge (the house of the Prime Minister of Australia) had less security than the average supermarket in Israel would! We dropped into a homeopathic shop to get a remedy for a friend in Cambodia and then cruised over to our friend's place.

We got there a bit after 4pm, but they weren't home. Their next-door-neighbour said they would probably be back from work about 5, and let us use his bathroom while we waited.

It was really nice to visit them, we stayed the night on their living room floor, ate turkish pizza for dinner and chatted while Purple worked.

Next morning we hit the road early, drove through Sydney, stopped for Purple to work in some McD's while Littletree played on the PlayLand. Slept again in a little rest area just north of Taree, continued on again, stopping in another Mackers. and on we go.

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