Thursday, 24 May 2007

unschooling day

hey ho, its a bright sunny day so i washed my hair (quite a feat), but the wind is still blowing chilly.
We prepare to leave this house by doing a big spring cleaning - we found a big shelf in the garage stacked celing-high with old jars of preserved fruit - some of them dating back to 1976!!
Purple was brave enough to open some of them and even tried one that still looked okay! He said it was still good, though I still think they should just be composted straight up. The jars are good though.

Meanwhile, Littletree is playing about by herself, at the moment teaching her coloured markers to speak different languages. She holds up the pink one and the green one, and says "hello" with the pink. Green says "hola, yo no hablo much inglais, hablas espanol?" pink says "sorry, I only speak English and a bit of Hebrew. In English, we say 'hello'!" green says, "hello! en espanol, es 'hola'." Then yellow comes in speaking Hebrew. and Orange arrives and introduces herself as yellow's mama. Turns out the orange mama knows German too. and on it goes.

Who needs TV when you've got a 4 year old around!?

So, we might just be leaving tomorrow. though it looks more realistic to say saturday will be the big day.

well, I'm heading back to the sun so my hair can dry...

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