Monday, 14 May 2007


Well, its cold.
too cold.
and the winter didnt even start yet, its only mid-may.
So, this little black duck has decided the best will be to fly the coop and head north. Not only the weather, but I start to get the feeling that we are overstaying our welcome here. Or at least, I'm starting to overstay my comfort zone.
We are staying with an old friend, more like an acquaintance, in his mother's big fancy suburban McMansion. A huge brick monstrosity in an outer suburb housing development. Its all very clean and all the houses are the same and very upper-middle-class. Like Neighbours. Over our back fence is a massive Shopping Centre nightmare. It goes on for miles. 3 department stores, 3 supermarkets, 2 food coures, a multiplex cinema, a few pubs, a public library, 2 gyms and about 200 specialty stores and more. good grief.
So its very easy to just get sucked into hte lazy routine and stay and stay. But i think we should be going.
As soon as we can find a suitable car and drive out of here.

My gorgeous darling Lady Demelza came over for the weekend, goddess that she is.
Ahhh, if only she had known we could have been something special. Well, even if we arent lovers anymore, it is still special.
And she's just the same as ever. Planning to take over the world of Burlesque.

So the master plan:
To buy a vehicle, probably a van with a bed in the back, or else a station wagon.
Drive said vehicle north, stop in Canberra for a couple of nights to visit Brian and Jen, then more north till we get to Nymboida. Visit Laena and Mali and everyone, then start to find a place to live, to rent a home in northern NSW for at least 6 months. Settle in, make friends, connect to other homeschoolers, join a Capoeira club.
Then I want to apply to every direct-entry midwifery course I can find.
In September we'll go to the rainbow gathering, and then early next year, we'll move to wherever I get accepted into Uni, or if i dont, then just stay where we like.
Then we take over the world MMMMWWWHaahahaaa!!

Its not easy being green

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