Saturday, 26 May 2007

Long Drive to Nowhere

Yesterday started out a day like any other. Only warmer and sunnier, a welcome break from the recent chill. We hung around, pottering, doing little things inefficiently and mostly wasting time, waiting for a package to arrive by DHL. It was sent last monday, and they paid a lot for it to arrive in 48 hours. but here we are, saturday and it didnt arrive yet.

Anyway, I got fed up of hanging around the house and I got this irresisstable URGE to go for a drive to the Dandenong forest. Its a place I've been back in 1998; this amazing forest full of huge old growth trees. a kind of rainforest that makes you believe in fairies. I just had this sudden and desperate need to go there and walk in the forest.

but it was already noon, a bit too late, when it was an hour or more away and we were waiting for this package.
I dithered.

so, 2pm, and I couldnt stand it any more. I was so jumpy, I just threw some stuff in a day bag and dragged Purple and Littletree to the car. Turned out to be a much longer drive than I thought, took us almost 2 hours.

But we arrived, and started driving around the park. Only we never found this picnic ground that I remembered, this awe-inspiring place with massive trees and man-ferns. we drove around some more, went for a little walk in some mediocre (but still beautiful) forest. I got depressed and ate most of a packet of Mint Slice.

By then the sun was setting, though it seemed we'd worked out on the map where to go, it was too late :( so we just drove back in to town, and met with a friend for dinner. We went to a trendy veggie cafe that was very loud and crowded and noisy. but the food was good.

On the street I ran into an old love; I guy I've not seen or had contact with in about 8 years. It was a trip to see him again.

but we had a good drive anyway.

Today was even worse...

Realising that the package wouldnt arrive till monday, we decided to go for a weekend away, just to test out travelling with the car and packing and everything.
So, we looked at the map and decided to head for the Great Ocean Road, and maybe camp the night in the Otways, hike around and come back tomorrow.
of course... its after 3pm and we still didnt get the car packed to satisfaction.

So we wasted another sunny day.

At least Littletree is having fun

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