Saturday, 9 June 2007

Farming Children

Another funny thing, in melbourne, flipping through the Melways street directory, I happened to see, right next to Studley Park, is the Collingwood Childrens Farm

Honestly, the mind boggles! Is this where the Studs from the park over the road come to harvest their children? Or is it where they grow the raw material for such insidious products as Baby Oil and Baby Powder?

Here you can see the map:
Its a pretty old edition of Melways, I think from the early '90s, so the page number (2D) might not correlate to the latest edition, but totally verifiable to anyone interested.

For a better view, I zoomed and cropped a bit, see below:

On the topic of Baby Oil and Baby Powder, if they are producing it there, this could be a good source for 100% pure products, which I thought had gone off the market long ago.

Actually, did you know that Baby Oil and Baby Powder are not made from real babies anymore? Its all artificial! Also toothpaste doesnt contain real teeth! Just another instance of how corporations are ripping us off and using cheap synthetics rather than genuine ingredients!

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