Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Acclimatising to Paradise

We are getting settled in our little oasis, I still dont have photos uploaded yet, but we should have internet connected there this week, so it'll be done soon!
The last few days have been a gentle blur of unpacking and organising, collecting wood for the fire (its mighty chilly of a nighttime), playing with Littletree...

Of course, the place is infested with ticks and leeches, so part of our day consists of checking for and the removal of bloodsucking parasites, but we're settling in. Littletree really seems to be flourishing. I think she's a bit tentative, but really catching on to the idea that we are living here, its our home, and its HER space. And its great that there's 2 other girls on the property; one a year older and one a year younger - perfect!

So while Purple has been down in town working, I've been putting up nice curtains and cleaning and making things nice.

Yesterday I spent the day with Littletree, just playing with her and really having a great time.
She came up with such a wonderful statement:
We were playing "Dora", as in Dora The Explorer. I was playing Swiper the Fox, and she was Dora (of course). Littletree instructed me to swipe some keys from her, which I obediently did. She then said:
"Swiper, listen to me, I need to tell you something important. Its not good when you swipe stuff, those keys are my keys, and I need them, and I dont like you to swipe things from me. If you want something, you can just ask nicely for it, okay?!"

I (as Swiper) replied, "oh, okay, I wont swipe anymore. Can I have a turn of your keys?" After a minute she ran off, and came right back to tell me (as her mother) of the positive conversation she'd just had with Swiper, and that he'd agreed not to swipe any more.

Ahhh, she's just wonderful :D and yes, I'm gloating, but I think I deserve to.

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