Wednesday, 13 June 2007

A Homely Home

We rented a house!
That's it, we are no longer drifting vagrants!

I'll post pictures soon, but anyway, its about 15 minutes drive from Mullumbimby at Upper Wilson's Creek, its a little cottage, made of stone, on a property with 2 other houses, both of which have single mothers with daughters about Littletree's age living in them. the property has 200 fruit trees af many varieties, citurus, starfruit, jackfruit, mango, avocado, etc, that have been left fallow and we are allowed to pick as much of the fruit as we like. There is a huge, gorgeous salt water swimming pool (!), and a freshwater spring on tap right to our cottage. its the best sweetest yummiest water too. We also have modern conveniences like gas hot water and elecricity, and we're getting the internet connected soon.

the cottage is small, but totally sufficient for us, and it has a massive yard full of trees (one of which even has a tree-house) and an established veggie garden. not to mention other kids around, who are going to be homeschooled!!!

I know, its PARADISE!!!! and the rent is just so low its incredible!

Whats the catch? no catch really. The owner is trying to sell the property, so IF it sells, (which is unlikely at this point, because all the buildings on the property have been built without planning permission, and are therefore illegal, so no one wants to buy it) then we would have about 2-3 months' notice to move.

But in the meantime, its PERFECT!!!

We spent the day up there cleaning out the cottage, and tomorrow we'll go and move all our stuff in and make it nice and habitable (its been empty for a long time so it was in a bit of a state), and we'll move in on friday :D

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