Sunday, 24 June 2007

The First Movie

Well, its all over now;
We took Littletree to see a movie, Shrek the Third, at the cinema, her first time!
It was a long process, we'd been talking about it for a while, explaining to her how it works, that there will be a lot of people inside, and very dark, and we wont be able to talk or make any noise in there. But she really wanted to see the movie (and so did we), so in we went.
and of course Littletree was so wonderful, she was the kid who "behaved" the best in there, and even told me and Purple off for talking ;)
So I suppose we've just set outselves up for having to take her to the cinema evey time a new kid's movie comes out; at least we dont have TV so she wont know about most of them ;)

It was a perfect end to a long day, we spent the morning at White's beach, near Broken Head, with Simon and Julia, and their 3 year old daughter. Simon and Julia are old friends of Purple, actually Purple was hitchhiking around in the UK with Julia when Simon picked them up. What a romance! It was such a glorious day at the beach, and so crowded (we were the only ones there), though a little windy.

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