Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A temporary Home

We looked at some places, but the prices are astronomical (rents have literally tripled since I was here 10 years ago!!! - should have bought property instead of travelling the world!)

So far no luck, but we ended up parking our van in the yard of my old friend Joy, the mother of Oshana, so it was great to be near Littletree's friend. and amazingly, on her land is a little cottage for rent, that suits our needs PERFECTLY, and is only $150/week, and has gas hot water and a phoneline we can get broadband on. its AMAZING. set on a wonderful property in the rainforest with a sweetwater spring, saltwater swimming pool and 200 fruit trees :D


The woman who is renting the place (not the owner, just a woman who also rents another house on the land), doesnt want another family with kids on the land (too much competition for her own 2 kids maybe). So we somehow have to go around her and speak directly to the owner.

Anyway, in the end, the constant stress of trying to get an internet connection for purple to work, and finding a place to live, and sleeping in our van... we just reached the breaking point and came into Byron Bay with the plan to rent a caravan in a caravan park.

Only problem was, there were no vacant vans, and the cheapest cabin we could get was $80/night.
For that we could rent a vacation apartment, a whole house with facilities, and not be in some crappy van.
We got depressed, and started to give up, driving back into town. Littletree was really picking up on our bad moods, and reflecting it times 10. We passed a Real Estate Agent's office, and I stopped so Purple could go in and ask about rentals. they didnt have anything suitable for us, but they did have a vacation rental, 1br apartment, just 100M from the beach, fully-furnished with balcony, secure parking, even a washer and dryer, available today, for $400/week, on a weekly basis.

Purple went right over to look at it (of course I kept myself and littletree with our bare feet raggy clothes and natty dreadlocks out of sight), and he signed it on the spot! so now we have a home, at least temporarily. (see photo)

And the biggest bonus; its right next to the beach hotel, which has free wireless, and we are close enough to get the signal from our balcony!!!!

yay!!! :D

We aren't homeless anymore. we can relax.

Okay, we still need to find a real home to rent, this is just temporary, and its about double what we want to spend on a place, but hey, we can afford it, and it means we have a base and Purple can work, which is most important.

Anyway, [sigh] I can chill now, and I think that's enough for now ;)

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