Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Online At Last

I am actually sitting in our little cottage, ONLINE!!!
Purple, the wonder genius, actually managed to fix the phone line (which is really just a LOOOONG extension cable from the neighbour's house 60M away), and hook up the modem, so, we are now officially online.
Purple can work from home :)
which is great because until now he's been having to go down to town to use the internet, and the net hotspots turn off early, so he cant work effectively, and the last day we managed to get the broadband connected next door, and he was sitting in the rain trying to work.
There's still some fiddling to do to make it really good and set up, but, it WORKS!!!

meanwhile, its still raining, three days now. raining raining raining.
but its, nice, we are cozy in our little cottage, and since we stuffed all the gaps in the walls with brown paper bags and scraps of an old foam mattress, its warm inside.
and whats more, we can now proudly say that we live in a house made of garbage ;)

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