Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Welcome Home

So now we have internet on, AND I found the cable to upload photos from the camera to the computer... I'll put some pics of our place

Here is the view from where we park Sunshine...

There's a few cows in this paddok, they're pretty free-range, and Littletree loves feeding them our compost.

This is the view from the other direction, looking up above the cottage, from next to the citrus orchards.

Ahhh, I love to wake up and see this wonderful wall of green forest in the morning :D

This is our little home, with its terraced garden.

you can see the bedroom window upstairs and Littletree playing on the grass.

Here is the inside - well, this is a pic I took on the day we moved in, I've decorated it a bit since then, and Littletree has a different dress on.

Notice that our fire is made of an old beer keg ;)

Rustic and simple, but perfectly adequate. and we even have hot running water and electricity off the grid and broadband!

And this:

So we're not exactly roughing it ;)

Well, its too cold and rainy to use it just now, but it makes me feel like we live in a fancy luxurious resort, even though in reality its a rustic stone cottage.

Especially now that we "weather-proofed" the house by stuffing all the cracks in the walls with old brown-paper bags, and cut up scraps of an old foam mattress!

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  1. AWESOME Ela,

    I love your place.



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