Friday, 8 June 2007

Unschooling Day

Littletree is spending the last days in the apartment; its cold and raining too much to go outside, but we've been taking advantage of puzzles and games in the house.

Yesterday we went on an adventure to the beach, of course, its a one minute walk, but Littletree cant walk out the door without making a map. so, I sat with her and drew a map, showing how we go out of our house, around the corner, up the street and over the grass to get to the playground next to the beach.

Its really amazing how she is managing to follow the map, and she can recognise details on the two dimensional paper, seeing how they correlate to things in real life.

She's watching TV a lot, especially in the morning when there are cartoons on, but after Sesame Street, its just boring housewife shows, so then she gets sick of it. And some of the shows are actually really cool. I see that there is value in it, even the shows that dont have any overt "educational" value. She is actually learning and absorbing stuff from these shows.

Though it was forecast to rain today, the sun is shining, so I should get off the computer and go out with her and enjoy it.

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  1. She has more map intelligence than a Brazilian indian shaman.

    Apparently if one has never grown up with conceptual visual respresentional ideas such as maps- its a little harder to learn late in life...


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