Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Hard Dayze

What a ballagan we had last night!
Littletree was (as usual) naked, and though the days are hot and sunny, its still winter and the night gets a bit chilly. She started to complain that she was cold (of course, this comes after I suggested about 100 times that she might like to wear something warmer).
so she as starting to whinge that she was cold, I offered her to help her wear some clothes. Naturally, she refused, and asked for a blanket.
thats when the nightmare began.

Littletree likes to have a blanket on her in a very specific (and physically impossible) way. she wants me to stand at the foot of the bed, lit the blanket up into the air and throw it so it lands on her perfectly. I do my best.

She starts kicking and whining "NOT LIKE THIS!" it took me a long time of her screaming that she wants the blanket on, trying to put it on her and her responding "not like this", and angrily kicking the blanket off. she acts as if the blanket is burning her. she works herself up into a 2-yesr-old style tantrum, gets hysterical, and I get frustrated.

I know from long experience that she wants the blanket to be laid flat on the bed, perfectly straight, perfectly even and covered on all sides, and FLAT. of course, with her under the blanket, this is simply impossible, and if I do somehow manage to get it good enough, if she moves so much as a milimetre, then its messed up. The irony is that as soon as I place the blanket, work hard to get it right, she has to sit up a bit to see if I did it correctly, and thus musses up the blanket.

We decend into a spiral of madness from there.

She's screaming at me to put the blanket on her, whining that she's cold, i'm doing my best, but in the end, its really all futile, like dealing with a psychotic Queen of Hearts. I ost my temper and tried to force clothes on her, Purple came in and tried to hold her still.

It was awful.

In the end, she fell asleep crying and I put the blankets on her, and stumbled off to be, miserable, feeling like a failed parent :(

Its all a learning process, and naturally, this morning she woke up bright and cheery, and immediately started whining tha the blanket was wrong. :(
I was just firm with her, said calmly that I wont respond if she is going to whine at me that way and asked her to come and hug me. eventually, she stopped screaming and came over. I hugged her and that was it.

The moral of this story: mornings are no problem, I can be the unconditional-attachment-parenting-gentle-discipline super-goddess, but I dont cope well with stress in the evenings. after about 6pm, I just cant do it.

Its all a process, hey?

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  1. Dont worry about it- Ive seen you use immense patience with her...



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