Sunday, 25 January 2009


We finally found a nice car to replace Little Blue Sky who crashed 2 months ago (has it really been that long!?)

I was really fixated on the idea of finding a Toyota Corolla hatch, early 90s model, and not too keen on getting a Ford, or anything else... but it seemed like everyone had the same idea, because all the Corollas we found were double or triple the price of any equivalent car, and snapped up too fast to buy anyway.

In the end, we saw a notice up in the local general store for an '89 Ford Laser hatchback... not really what I wanted, but it was a manual, and selling for only $1000 with six months registration and a roadworthy certificate.

For the price it was worthy to at least check it out. Our friendly mechanic said the car is in great condition, doesn't even leak oil and could be sold for twice the money. But the couple selling it were backpackers keen to sell in time to get on their flight out of the country, and we jumped on the bargain :)

So we have a new little car!

47 rosita

Littletree has dubbed her Rosa; Rosita for short. It's breaking with our tradition of naming cars after the sky (we had Little Blue Sky and our yellow van, Sunshine). We briefly considered naming Rosita, "Sunset", but Littletree wanted something in Spanish (she's been speaking in Spanish a lot lately), so Rosita it is! (Though to be honest, she's red, not pink)


  1. Rosita adorable! I get why you first wanted a corolla - my last car was a corolla that made it to EIGHTEEN years old!

  2. Congratulations! May Rosita be a blessing to your family :-)

  3. My first car was a corolla and it was 16 when I got it and it lasted 5 more years. But it looks like you've got some good wheels for speeding to the births!

    Brings the idea of "red tent" or maybe placenta colors?


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