Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Homeschool Group

We had a great homeschooling meet up today. The group met in a park we'd never been to before, in a town the group hadn't yet explored, so it was really nice to go a bit further afield and to branch out to new people.

The park is huge, much bigger than anything else in the area, and there were cycle paths, so the kids had a great time riding around

41 bikes

Then Littletree and her friend Princess played a game of giant chess

38 giant chess

39 giant chess

We mostly hung out in the shade chatting and sharing a picnic of fresh fruits and home made brownies.

Hopefully plans for a new chapter of our homeschool group closer to our new home will manifest, if we can organise it together with some of the new comers :)

oh, and the battery in my camera was flat today, so these pics were taken on my cell phone camera - sorry for the crap quality.


  1. Looks like a fun place to be xXx

  2. What a cool chess board! I've only encountered those at Ren festivals. It seems everything at the parks around here is bolted down. Perhaps they're afraid someone would make off with a giant bishop.

    I *love* your blog, so I've given it a lemonade award. If you haven't received one before, you can read all about it at my blog:

  3. Looks like a nice park! I loved the parks in Lismore when we were up there, they are so big and so clean and no graffitti! Amazing! We have the crappiest parks down here!

  4. oh, for a green summer day right now! Wanna trade homes for the week?


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