Friday, 9 January 2009

My Little Annie

People are often telling me Littletree looks like a dreadlocked Annie, and now I can really see it!

I watched the movie Annie with Littletree the other day, and just at the end of the movies scene, when Annie fell asleep, I looked down to see Littletree had fallen asleep too, in the exact same pose.

09 seq annie

It was SO cute! Coincidentally Littletree was wearing the same colour dress as Annie, and they have the same hair shape and colour.

Naturally, I pushed pause and grabbed my camera before I turned off the DVD player and tucked her in to bed.


  1. That is, hands down, the cutest thing I've seen in weeks!

  2. She is just precious! I never thought of it before but she does look a bit like Annie. People were always telling me Cameragirl looked like Shirley Temple when she was little. She doesn't anymore. The hair straightener has seen to that. Sigh!

  3. Haha, she really does look like Annie! So cute...

  4. I have always thought your daughter was a beauty... and she looks a lot like a my dear friend's daughter who is close to the same age. Have a look!

    They live in Vancouver.

  5. 27 out of 10 for the cute factor! Don't they all look adorable in sleep xXx

  6. I can't believe how much of this blog I have missed lately.
    LT looks so sweet. Annie is one of our favs here too.


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