Saturday, 17 January 2009


Littletree is really into belly dancing lately, and since one of her friends has a belly dancing costume in her dress-ups, Littletree wanted one too.

We decided to sew one, using some scraps from my sewing bag. Littletree had her first real go on the sewing machine, and had a load of fun.

27 sewing

Here she is modelling the finished product:

28 finished top

She's been wearing it just about every day, and freestyle belly dancing all the time. We're so loving having this great big expanse of wooden flooring :)

30 belly dancing

I think next time we get a package from her family in Israel we'll ask for some more belly dancing paraphernalia, like a scarf with coins on it.


  1. Cool outfit Littletree! It looks from the pics like she's already got the hang of it. Hope you're settling in nicely into your new home, it's a good job you've got that big floor with little miss's hectic dancing schedule! what a lucky break eh? It might've been a little more difficult in your old hobbit house! xXX

  2. great work Littletree sewwing and dancing- what fun!

  3. so sweet. That room of yours looks beautiful - with the trees so close. We enjoy a similar view...i never ever tire of it.

  4. Very sweet, and it just so happens Aunty Karisma has one of those coin filled belty things in her stash! PM me your addy and I will send it to her! I happen to like a bit of belly dancing myself, but never seem to wear those jangly coins! LOL! I do believe they must have Little Trees name on them!

  5. wow, thanks karisma; such a kind offer :) *rushing off to PM you*


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