Sunday, 11 January 2009

Faerie Good Mothering ~ Honest Communication

My latest natural parenting article was published on Essence of Life; it's an article that uses fairy tales to illustrate the importance of honest communication with children.

Check it out here


  1. I Loved this bit MF "It appears to me that children who know the truth and the reasons behind what their parents ask of them choose to make the right decisions of their own free will, and they don't fall into the traps of ignorance. And when we trust our children, then they will feel worthy of that trust."
    I hate the 'because I said so' so many parents use! Great article as usual :)

    L x

  2. Very well written MF. I also agree with your theories and have always tried to be honest with my kids. One thing that really irks me about people is that they tell their kids not to do things and then do it in front of them or tell them something won't hurt when it obviously will. I would so hate for my kids to see me as a hypocrite or a liar so always try to explain things before hand as gently as possible. Having said that they do not always choose to listen and they always make up their own minds! Poor dd2 found out the hard way when all her hair fell out this week! (Of course they would not be my kids if they did not!)


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)