Sunday, 11 January 2009

Fluff, funny signs and falling from the sky

Driving home the other day, we came around a corner to be greeted by the sight of a flock of parachutists wafting on the breeze. There were so many of them, and so close.

47 parachutes

Driving around, we also stopped behind this car at a stop sign:

12 rael

UFO brings LOVE

An embassy for extra-terrestrials!

Lets welcome "The Elohim"

The scientific creators of humanity

Freaky huh. I wondered if these people are for real, but I checked out their website and it seems they are. Yah, we get all kinds of weirdos around these parts. There's even a feral barefoot mama with dreadlocks to her knees who only wears green!

Meanwhile, we passed a very open-minded public toilets;

13 gents

and this brilliant idea:

38 bike pole

It's a fixture on a street sign pole for people to lock their bicycles to. It even has directions for how to chain your bike to the pole, and reminds people not to lock others' bikes in.


Someone probably got paid a whole load of money to design and implement this thing, when it doesn't really add functionality to the existing pole. Seriously; what a waste of council funds and resources. Imagine if they used their power for good, rather than bureaucratic mediocrity.


  1. A bit jobsworth i think! I'm sure there's a load of other REALLY important things that could've been done with the silly amount that was payed out for this stupidity!
    Hope that all's well with you all and you're all settling into the new home xXx

  2. I always find parachutists descending near where I am driving kind of scary....I always worry one will fall into the middle of the road!
    L x

  3. LOL at that car. Yep they do exist all right. When we were in Bryon a couple of years ago my dh was baled up by one of them. I had a giggle and left him to it while he so politely tried to extract himself from her clutches! It was priceless to watch! She was rather odd!


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