Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So though we got our house on Christmas Eve, we couldn't move in till the phone was connected, and it ended up that we didn't move till the 2nd of January, but that was fine :)

We had one massive packing day, and actually managed to get all of the house packed up, loaded into the van in one go (I thought it would be two van loads), the house cleaned and the garden tidied (I thought I'd have to come back the next day to do clean-up and take the second van load), and move to the new house, and even got it all unpacked in one day! Even with delays from my good buddy George the snake who was coiled around the bulk food jars

08 george the snake

The next day I was so sore I could barely move, but at least we were home :)

So what with me being flat out exhausted, and having a pinched nerve in my neck that stopped my typing with my right hand (RSI from too much computer time), and all the moving, I didn't manage to post much lately.

So a brief update of the last week:

We celebrated Hannukah;

67 hannukah

We enjoyed the last days at the old house making the most of the pool; Littletree is fast getting over her water aversion, and even tries to put her face in the water now!

06 pool karin seq ela

Littletree got a 'magical' crystal tree as a Yule gift from my old friend Poly

69 magical tree

Littletree got into "fixing" her Bratz; 70 tattooing bratzshe opened all their fancy hair-dos, gave some hair cuts, drew bindis on their foreheads, gave them all tattoos, started dreading the hair of one of them...

71 tattooed bratz

And mostly we've been busy with settling into our new house, making it our home and fixing things up.


  1. Glad you've all settled in ok, hope your neck's better soon. Happy new home to you all xXx

  2. Awww, I've been doing the pinched-nerve-neck thing lately too. Never connected it to the computer though, but that could very well be what it is the right side!

    Littletree is so sweet, I love the picture of her lighting the Hannukah candles. Precious. :-)

  3. They're the coolest Bratz I've ever seen!
    Congratulations on your new home.

  4. Tell me you did not take that snake with you!!!!

    Glad you are settling in well. Love the originality of the Bratz dolls! Very cute!


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