Thursday, 15 January 2009

Koo koo koo ka ka ka burra

Slowly, slowly, we've been making our new house a home. Purple drilled some hooks into the wall on the balcony so I can put my hammock up :)

18 ela hammok

It's such a perfect spot to lie; it feels like hanging up in the trees.

And we discovered there's a posse of somewhat tame kookaburras who came to visit while I gave the hammock a test drive.

16 balcony

Littletree was so excited, and several of them flew down to say hello. I'm guessing the last people who lived here used to feed them, as they ate scraps right out of Littletree's hand

21 seq feeding kookaburra

Of course we wake up to their laughing in the morning, this morning I even saw a pretty-faced wallaby in the garden. It's nice to still have wildlife around, and feel like we're in the rainforest, yet have all the benefits of being in a village close to a big town.


  1. oooh, wonderful!
    seems a super place you have found to live in now :-)

  2. Sounds like you've found your own little bit of heaven, wonderful xXx

  3. How completely wonderful! I love kookaburras!! The closest here is the kingfisher, but they're not nearly as cheeky ;-). We used to live in a tree-house and I always wished for a hammock. So glad you have one.

  4. oooh! My community is SOOO boring compared to where you live! I'm envious! How wonderful to be surrounded by such things! And, as I've said before. Little Tree is just the most adorable little faerie girl I have ever seen...

  5. Oh that sounds beautiful. I love kookaburra's....
    You look so chilled in that great!

  6. "Kookaburra sits on the 'lectric wire!
    Jumping up and down coz his bums on fire! Ouch Kookaburra, Poor Kookaburra! HOT your bum must be!......Oops sorry could not help myself. Our kids used to sing that all the time because that is where we see the most of our kookaburra's. (Aside from in the bush that is!) So did you get a storm? We always get a storm when the kookaburra's start laughing!

    Your hammock space looks divine, mine alternates between my garden and under the pagola next to the house. (That space is in great need of more greenery, I planted a lot of herbs but they are between crops now so its a bit bare except for the jasmin!)

  7. Aren't kookaburras the most amazing birds!? I love how full and thick they look.

    You look so chilled out in the hammock, very niiice. Hammocks make me think of the simpson's, careful you don't get spun around and cloned! ;)

  8. I have a family of Kookburras that come and visit us too. They eat the kids' leftover steak. I don't feed them every day but they visit early morning and evening. They don't get too close for us to hand fed them. Little Loopity Lou gets excited and wants to touch them. My next door neigbour can hand feed them. I have a butcher bird that comes and visits. I've lost count of the number of times it has given me fright. It appears from nowhere and pokes it little head over the window sill which is above my kitchen sink. I'm sure it's giggling at me. lol.

    It will be very interesting to see what other wild life you will encounter in your new place hopfully the snakes will stay out side...;)

    Im sooo envious of you baloncy pefect for a hammock. My Hammock is pack away (got no where to hang it) I hope the silverfish haven't been munching on it to much that the problem living near the bush you share your house so many creatures.......

  9. LOL at Karisma! Our Kookaburra song as kids used to have the poor Kooka with balls on fire!

    Your house still looks amazingly divine MF! x

  10. That is an awesome place you have there. We're under 3 feet of snow right now - all the greenery and the birds and the hammock look SO divine!!

  11. Awesome! Only thing missing in the hammock is your Anne Frye tome! I'd love to sit and study out there :)


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