Sunday, 18 January 2009

Great Weekend

We had a few friends come over for dinner on Friday night, which kept snowballing till we had seven guests! One of my old clients, my current client and a couple of other friends came.

It's so wonderful to have a space big enough to host ten people for dinner. We sat around enjoying a big feast and chatting the night away.

31 dinner party

Here's Rinka demonstrating yet another great use for a big pregnant belly:

32 karin belly table

A few of the guests slept over, and we spend Saturday morning having a lazy breakfast before wandering down to a local swimming hole for a dip. We all had a great time swimming in the cold water :)

34 swimming hole

Here's RainbowBaby pulling my hair - he thought the big pile of dreadlocks was loads of fun!

36 hair pulling

Sunday morning Purple and I went exploring around the local markets and then had a relaxing afternoon at home while Littletree went to play at a friend's house.

What a great weekend!


  1. Sounds pulling and all..hehe

  2. Does life get any better than this? Wonderful xXx

  3. Happiness! So glad your new place is working out so well :-)

  4. Ahh, I'd LOVE to go swimming there right now...

    It's below zero with a foot of snow here and all I want to do is look at photos of warm places!

  5. Looks like a wonderfully fun weekend. :-)

  6. well u seem to have the most PERFECT place to live!!!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!

  8. well i feel stupid talking about this on ur comments but i am dreading my hair with the backcomb method and i was wondering about the maintenance from an experienced person. i also don't have $$ for the special wax and the special shampoo from the internet sites for dreads. do u have any suggestions on things i can use from just the natural food store or stuff like that? what do u use? my email is

  9. Your weekend sounds perfect, gorgeous company, food, swimming, shopping!!
    I thought my daughter would have red hair and look like littletree, she is so beautiful!! X.x.

  10. looks like a very nice weekend indeed...
    i'm sure it's much better than the war here in Israel... (good that it's finally over!)

    wishing you that all of your weekends will be as good and even better! (:


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