Friday, 5 February 2010

Guinea Pigs

Introducing the newest members of the majikfaerie family:

15 guinea pigs

The white one is called Snowy (Snowflake for short) and the Ginger one is called Shyly.

Littletree has been bugging us to have a pet since… well, since forever. My longtime readers (yes, both of you) might remember we did once have a pet, Estrella the Hermit Crab, who mysteriously died after just a few months.

Since then, I’ve been nixing the idea of pets, saying that we can’t have dogs or cats because we live in a small cabin in the bush with lots of wildlife, no mice or rats because we have enough problems with wild rodents and I set out traps, and no rabbits because feral rabbits are such a problem in Australia and I don’t want to add to it.

Finally, we narrowed it down to say Littletree could have a Guinea Pig.

19 guinea pigs

Only I still had one excuse up my sleeve – we lived in a tiny one-room cabin with no place for a pet. I promised Littletree that we could get one as soon as we got a house of our own because then we will be done with travelling and settled down.

And yes, it’s true. we bought this house just over a year ago *hangs head in shame* but at first we were still moving in, then we were going to Tasmania. Then we were going to Thailand. Then we were going to Far North Queensland. Then Littletree and Purple were going to Israel. Then we were all going to New Zealand. (This is me settled down; not travelling any more!)

I finally ran out of excuses, so Purple and I capitulated and bought Littletree a couple of Guinea Pigs, as well as a nice hutch for them to live in (which I spent an afternoon painting and will soon be moved out onto the grass).

25 guinea pigs

Littletree plays with them loads since she got them (let’s see how long that lasts *rolls eyes*). She brought them to Life Drawing Class, and decided to draw the Guinea Pigs rather than the model

20 guinea pigs

Today Littletree built the Guinea Pigs a little castle with her blocks

27 guinea pigs

She hand-feeds them

21 guinea pigs

As much as I’m not really convinced having pets is such a great idea (I don’t remember this being in the brochure when I signed up for this parenting gig!), at least Shyly and Littletree are colour-coordinated

16 guinea pigs

And if it really doesn’t work out, I hear Guinea Pigs are quite tasty ;)


  1. I had guinea pigs when I was young, they can be very sweet. Good choice! they're very nice animals.

    Beware-- they can cross breed with rabbits i hear!

  2. Glad she's finally got a pet. And if it doesn't work out I have a good recipe ;)

  3. NO eating the piggies faerie!!!! LOL They are adorable.

  4. Do you want another one? My g/f has one that I am trying to get rid of.

  5. Thanks for the offer, Thad, but one daughter is enough for me ;)


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