Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Latest Life Drawing

I just wanted to share my latest escapade in Life Drawing

35 life drawing

I think I’m really improving since I started, and I’ve been working on new techniques as well. This week I was really focussing on doing feet – something I thought I could never draw, and I found out that I can!

36 life drawing crop

Next I’ll get to working on hands – even harder, and eventually I might work up to drawing faces.

If nothing else, at least I’m getting some good art to adorn the house!

The moral of this story is: you can achieve anything… if you can let go of the fear of looking stupid. ;)


  1. Excellent work! Really lovely. Drawing is always something I've wanted to do better! Yours are very inspiring - thanks!

  2. Ooh. I just love these. The curves of the woman in the top pictures, luscious.

    You inspire me...again. :-)

  3. Your life drawings are looking amazing!

    Hands are amazing to draw! (I studied them in art before anything else), that and eyes... eyes are wonderful to draw... :)

    Good luck and keep showin us the art! :)

  4. Well done! That's a lovely picture!

  5. That's beautiful. You are so good.


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