Thursday, 25 February 2010

Poetry Jam

This week’s home school group was Poetry Jam; we all got together in the airconditioned comfort of the library and the kids shared poems they’d written, or read out ones they liked.

Apparently the librarians were so impressed with the group for being quiet and respectful; more so than comparable groups of school kids anyways.

Littletree had a couple of poems ready to recite – she’s been so interested in Alliteration ever since she discovered alphabetisation in the dictionary, so we started making up little poems for each letter of the alphabet. But when it came down to reciting them for the group, she changed her mind and made up some poems on the spot.

Sad I didn’t think to film her or write them down – she came up with some nice verses about faeries and magic and forests and stuff.

The most amazing thing is, of course, that this group of children, ranging from about 5 – 13, were all avidly engaged in random acts of poetry, and no one was forcing or coercing or threatening or bribing them to do it. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that defies the laws of physicks or something…

45 HS poetry jam


  1. And even better that she overlooked the stuff she'd already written to improvise on the spot!! What an amazing skill to nurture.....


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