Monday, 22 February 2010

Busking Baby

Littletree has been practicing guitar lately, and went out busking at the market today with her friend

44 busking

They played for about 20 minutes – until it started raining, but they managed to make $3.60. Not much, but it’s a start.

Littletree has been saving up all her pocket money lately, and practicing her gymnastics and guitar so she can busk, because she’s desperate to get herself a 10” Netbook computer (Preferably pink).

She spends hours trawling through eBay and other computer shops online trying to find the exact one she wants – of course, it’s all a bit of a moot point since she has a lot of saving-up to do before she can afford a computer – the ones she wants are all around $300.

I have been quite impressed with her determination though; she has been forgoing all treats and sweets in favour of saving up her pocket money for the computer – being radically unschooled, she has an unrestricted diet and can eat as much of whatever she likes, but we have an agreement that we don’t buy extra treats for her from the family grocery money.

Obviously, if it’s something that we’re buying for everyone we get it, and we do a lot of baking our own cakes and cookies and I make ice cream, so it’s not like she’s in any lack of sweets, but if she wants candy bars, she has to buy them with her own pocket money.

I’m noticing she isn’t making up for the lack of chocolate (which we don’t buy because I’m allergic to it) by eating extra cookies at home; she’s just forgoing them, on her own motivation. And to think I was assured by just about everyone that if I let her eat candy she’d eat nothing but candy!

Anyway, on behalf of Littletree, she is making a request for anyone who wants to help her buy a computer. (At least it sounds “educational”)


  1. good luck to her and her savings. Beren saved to buy a Nintendo DS when he wanted one and I was so proud of his efforts.

  2. I just love reading your blog and the adventures of Littletree, so I would love to give her $20 towards her pink computer. Can you email me on and let me know an account I can pop this money into : )

  3. I'd like to give $10 too. Maybe you can email me also, or whatever...

    What a great example of unschooling you all are!

  4. I'd like to contribute a bit too!

    Do you have a Paypal?

    You know what would be awesome? If she'd make a video of herself playing for those of us who aren't lucky enough to enjoy her talent in person!!!

  5. Wow, thanks to everyone who offered to contribute :) Littletree is practically jumping out of her skin with excitement!
    There's a PayPal button at the top right of my blog page, or you can send me an email to get Littletree's bank account details for a direct deposit if you're in Australia.
    birth [at]

  6. Very cool, I admire her confidence and her determination...and to think she got it all without the aid of a teacher...aren't kids meant to curl up in the foetal position and cry until a teacher tells them otherwise? ;P

  7. Littletree is *most* welcome! I hope she is able to get her computer very soon!


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