Friday, 12 February 2010

Little Acrobat

Littletree is getting really into Gymnastics and acrobatics. She’s been practicing every day, especially since we were at the Rainbow Gathering and she was hanging out a lot with people doing acrobalance, and juggling and stuff.

Littletree really wants to go to gymnastics classes, but I haven’t been able to find any in our local area, so for now, she’s just on her own, doing tricks.

Here’s a little clip of her practicing


  1. Wow! She is very flexible, I think you have a nautral gymnast on your hands.

  2. Nice walkover (is that the term?). You could try local dance schools - some of them have acrobatics classes. Another thing to try googling is xxx Boys & Girls Club - that's what the gymnastics club my son belongs to is called (xxx obviously equals a town name).

  3. Littletree is sooo bendy!
    Keep it up, you are so good.


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