Thursday, 18 February 2010

NVC Workshop

This week’s home school group was a lot of fun – there was a Non-Violent Communication workshop for all the kids

39 NVC

A huge number of families came, including a big group from a new homeschool group that’s formed about 45 minutes north of us – I’d love to go check it out, but they meet at the same time as my life drawing class.

40 NVC

The kids enjoyed doing the little NVC dialogues; the woman was leading the kids in different situations, teaching them how to say how they feel without blaming and criticising. Then Littletree piped up, “Excuse me, I feel like I’d like to have a turn of the hand puppets”

41 NVC

I thought it was pretty funny that this woman was trying to teach all the kids to communicate in the way that they usually do anyway.

It was nice to catch up with everyone again; I’ve been a bit of a hermit lately.

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  1. I love NVC workshops. We attended one in Sadhana Forest in south India, it was beautiful. Check out the community! Lotsa Rainbow-Lifers show up :) :)


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