Monday, 3 March 2008

Death of a Star

Lots of stuff happened while we were internet-less, I might catch up on them all, but probably not.
Anyway, one major change is that Estrella, Littletree's pet hermit crab, died.

We don't know why; she was just fine, getting pretty active, and all. Here she is just the day before.

We went to town for the day and when we came home, she was out of her shell, lying in the sand with one claw ripped off :( I have no idea what happened.
48 Estrella

Littletree was sad, of course, but not overwhelmingly so. She made a little burial with Purple. Then she asked for a bunny.


  1. Could it have been the crazy neighbor????

  2. I hope it wasn't crazy neighbour. I have no idea what happened, but something ripped the poor crab's arm off :(

  3. what in the world, could it have been? Maybe a cat ot something?

  4. aww, sorry about the crab. Jeeze I hope it wasn't your crazy neighbor! Glad to see your back up and running in cyber-world:) your travels sound exciting!
    ~peaceful vibes~ Nina


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