Monday, 10 March 2008

Full House

I've been busy busy busy this week!
Not only is the ever-beautiful Rapunzel still staying with us, my Angel, who you might remember from my trip to New Zealand, came to stay with her Israeli boyfriend, so the house is VERY full!
Not to mention having four adults queuing up for internet time on one computer ;)

The other night we had also Earth-mama and Autumn for dinner, we made humous, which was fun and delicious
23 Humous Grinding
and crowded around my miniature living room to enjoy a feast of freshly-ground Humous, Quinoa, Wok-steamed Veggies and a decadent Macadamia satay sauce. YUM!
24 Dinner Party
Earth-Mama baked me an amazingly delectable cake; all yummy fruits and nuts and carob - no chocolate :D
31 Carob Cake
Then we sampled some of our home-made fruit liqueurs, and lazed back, bellies full
29 Josie Russel


  1. She is so cute! I am glad she and her little girlfriends are having a good time.
    The cake is very pretty. Looks like it would taste good too.


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