Sunday, 23 March 2008


Another busy week. Seems like I've been having lots of those lately.

Littletree began her busking career, after I refused to buy her infinite treats. She played her guitar at the Markets... well, long enough to make enough money for a frozen fruit ice block.

The wonderful Rapunzel ran off to Confest, of course we'll miss her terribly, it was so lush having her here.

We hosted a little picnic by the pool in honour of her. Well, mostly as an excuse to have some friends over. Of course, as happens every single time we have people over, it rained, so we crammed eight people into my little cottage and had great fun.50 the gang

I just got my new Pinard Horn (a kind of funnel for listening to the heartbeat of a fetus) and stethoscope, so we had a spontaneous workshop on listening to fetal heart tones, and distinguishing all the various sounds in Earth-Mama's belly. Then Littletree went around listening to everyone (and even some things) with the stethoscope.

And most excitingly (for Littletree anyway) was the acquisition of a second hand trampoline.


  1. oh I love that picture of little tree! Working hard for the money, lol.

  2. Trampoline fun! My kids too enjoy selling their wares at markets. They watch us and want to start their own mini-business. Did you get a wood pinard horn? I like those alot, the feeling of authentic. My kids too really dig my midwife 'tools'.

  3. sadly, a wooden horn is out of my range atm, so I'm settling for an alu one. better than nothing.

  4. I also love that pic of Little Tree busking for her treat money. My son also thinks that there is an infinite supply, maybe he should join forces. Little tree provide the music, beloved boy will provide the hip wiggle and jiggle that he does ;)


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