Monday, 31 March 2008

Schach Spielen

Littletree has gotten really interested in Chess lately, since she saw me playing a game against my computer.

Me and Purple used to play all the time when I was pregnant, but we gave up shortly after Littletree was born; somehow breastfeeding made me loose brain function, and I just couldn't think well enough to make playing worthwhile. I have a theory that it's the equivalent of men not having enough blood to work their brain and their penis at the same time. LOL

Anyway, Littletree started playing chess. I'm playing with her, and we talk a lot about which pieces can make what moves, and possible strategies. I don't have any expectation on her to actually learn the moves and what not. I figure she'll pick it up as she needs to, and with something this complicated, it will just come with time, exposure and practice.

Mostly, I tell her all the possible moves, make some suggestions and let her play. Somehow I had this idea that Chess is a game too advanced for someone not yet 5, but it's really amazing to see how she's picking it up.

She's started begging me to take her to the Cafe all the time, so we can play on their board. So, I guess a chess set is in order for her birthday! (which is in 2 weeks! eek!)

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