Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Princesses on Ice

Yesterday we went with some families from the Homeschooling group to the Ice Skating rink in the Gold Coast!

It's been Littletree's dream to go Ice Skating, ever since she saw the Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus DVD. She talks about it all the time. So, we made the mission to go up there, especially since Littletree and I are going away for three months, and we will be away for her birthday.

I was a bit nervous that Littletree would freak out and hate it in the first minute; the skates would hurt her feet, she would be cold, she'd slip and fall... but she was fine :)

Well, it was pretty wobbly at first, I haven't been skating since 1994 or something, but it came back fast (not that I was ever any good). We all spent the morning going slowly backwards, holding the kids' hands as they got more confident.

By the end a couple of the bigger kids were going out on their own, and Littletree was starting to get the hang of it. I even got a few rounds to practice my Wayne Gretzki impression. (Denzil, I hope you're reading)

One of Littletree's friends even made her a wonderful birthday present :)

A gorgeous hand-made reversible felt crown


  1. Littletree looks adorable in the last photo. I've never been ice skating in my life, but it does look a lot of fun.

  2. Regarding taking one's children ice skating, it is crucial to a childs safety, that they wear helmets, every time.Being that they are just learning balance, it is easy for younger children to fall quickly, in spite of a parents hand-holding.Head injuries are preventable. There is no way to reverse an injury to the brain. Indoor Rinks SHOULD have a posted sign, stating that young children MUST wear protective head gear, while on the ice.It is the parent who is responsible for their childs safety, the child does not know to do so, on their own. Every child's safety and protection, is everyones responsibility. Ensuring one's young child wear protective head gear, while ice skating/toboganning/bike riding,etc., should be a "No Brainer". Here is an important link;

    **To the blogger and future readers, please understand that I am not posting this to judge, only to inform, for the safety of all children. I have two young children of my own, as well as five "Angel Babies". As parents,we must understand and realize, that we are responsible for the safety/protection of ALL children, not just our own...


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