Friday, 11 April 2008

The Holey Land

We arrived to Israel, again, the flight was much easier than I feared, and again, we got on the plane around midnight, and got off in the early morning, after an 11 hour journey (actually, it took longer because the first flight was delayed, but I'm not sure how long what with all the time zones and stuff).

23 barefootThe last day in Bangkok we spent lounging around in the park, Littletree insisted on going barefoot, here's the result:

Purple and his mother picked us up from the airport, Littletree was jumping out of her skin with excitement to see them.

It's nice to come back to somewhere familiar, now we're staying with Purple's parents. Littletree even has her own bed in her own room, for the first time in her life! And it's also nice to see how fast her Hebrew is coming back.

Here's Littletree with her grandparents, Saba and Savta:01 sabasavtaLittletree has been so happy since we got here; spending so much time with her cousins. It's amazing to see how much the kids have grown in the past year and a half. When we left they were all children, and now they're grown.

Here's Littletree with Almond and Jordan:06 girls laughing

16 roni seq sleepLast night we went out to catch up with some friends in Tel Aviv. Littletree had fun until she fell asleep in Butterfly's arms - so cute, with the dreadlocks blending together :)

I finally feel like I'm getting over the jet lag, but I'm still a bit tired. Another good night's sleep will do me well, but tomorrow we have a big day - Littletree's birthday party!!!

We decided just to make it a small party - family and a few friends. Huh! Purple and I tallied up the guest list yesterday - over FIFTY people!!!!!!




  1. Hey, Welcome!

    Hope to see you on Wednesday night...

  2. Lovely to see you again.. Littletree looks so cute, bless her.

  3. Simply adorable! Have a lovely birthday party and give LT a smooch from InannaMama & Son :-)

  4. Littletree looks so happy.
    There is no better place to be than at grandmother's house when one is small.
    I hope she has a wonderful Birthday and you get to have a long nice visit with family.
    hope she gets lots of cake, hugs and presents!

  5. Awww, LittleTree is so precious!
    She looks oh so happy, and that is the perfect way to spend a vacation. Surronded by family and friends. [and yes, I know I spelled that wrong]

  6. Happy Birth Day Littletree and Mama!


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