Monday, 14 April 2008


Well; we survived yesterday's party. Littletree had a great time, though sometime in the middle she got overwhelmed with the large numbers of people.

The cousins came over early to help with preparations:22 shakked balonim

Littletree got a mountain of presents:

25 presents and of course a rich chocolate cake, topped with strawberries:

40 cake The adults sat around Kwatching27 party

While the kids played games:

31 party There was a lot of family, and old friends I haven't seen for ages. It was great to see them :D We had the obligatory 'way too much food', but it was a lot of fun, and less work than we all feared.

This morning Littletree announced that she's not going to have 'boobie' any more, since now she's five, and that means she's a big girl. After five years of breastfeeding, I'm about ready to end it, but we'll see if she really sticks to her new resolution. Famous last words, methinks LOL


  1. What a wonderful time Littletree had :) It's so lovely to be surrounded by friends and family during these moments.

  2. Nope I don't think she'll be missing her old dolly any time soon!

  3. happy birthday to Littletree!!! We missed you guys at the library story time today, M was sad when i reminded her you guys are globe trotting.

    thanks for posting updates so we can vicariously live through your adventures :)

    looking forward to your return but keep having a ball until then!


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