Thursday, 3 April 2008

Ring Ring... Feminism Anyone?

Today we had to stay home to wait for the telephone guy to come and install our long-awaited phone line. They say they will come between 10am and 2pm. Last time the guy arrived just after 3.

And (when it was just Purple here) the phone guy said it would be impossible to get the line put on in our cottage. We would have to pay thousands to have a contractor come and dig trenches for new cables.

Obviously that wasn't going to happen, but our current situation wasn't really working out for us (if you recall my recent dramas with the phone line and a narky neighbour). So the landlord agreed that we could have our own separate phone line installed in the neighbour's house, with a new and uninterrupted extension cable out to our house.

Amazingly enough, the Phone Guy came just past noon, and he was very friendly. I showed him where the new line was to go, but he pretty quickly clued in that we were planning on putting an extension out to the cottage - something the last phone guy said was impossible.

This Phone Guy was very sweet, and said we should be able to install the cable all the way over to our house, no problem, and he could give me the cable to do it!

This somehow seemed connected to the fact that I was wearing my "around the house" dress today - a very short green number with a flattering low neckline. Well, I realised this was just a friendly guy who could easily bend the rules a little for a pretty smile and batty eyelashes, so 'feminism' went right out the window.

When it looked like there was a fault in the cable, I just gave him "the look" and my cheekiest grin, and he promised to get it fixed. Even went off down the road to the Exchange. He gave me about 80 Metres of good quality external cable, and spent 3 hours to hook it all in. He even left me with 2 rolls of electrical tape and a massive stack of about 100 Chux Wipes!

So the end of the story; we have the phone line on, I don't need to mess around with installing a new extension cable, no more dramas with the neighbours (well, at least not over the phone line)... and what's more; I learned something!

Women are incredibly powerful creatures, and there is nothing wrong with using every ounce of the power available to you to create the universe you want to live in.

Not only that; I'm freakin Beautiful! :D


  1. I ABSOLUTLEY LOVED THIS POST :-) Sometimes it is very beneficial to be a woman and it's not bad to utilize exactly what we have on our bodies.... we all have it for a reason :-) I love being a strong woman but I also know when it helps to BE a woman :-)

  2. LOL, I'll have to keep this in mind!

  3. you ARE beautiful, DUH!!!
    your friend in Israel, who RemaIns, AnonymoVs. (Klues Are Here)

  4. Very beautiful indeed :) I am sure the phone guy had the best day he has had in a while!

  5. I too love this post. I rarely post comments on your blog but I love to read it. Stop by our family blog, I tagged you.


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